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Dog Toothbrush


1.This dog toothbrush is made of natural rubber which is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

2. This toothbrush is made of quality material, making it more sturdy and will not be destroyed by your furry friend easily.

3. It has a soft design to be safe for your dog's gums, and it will not hurt your dogs health, it helps them to clean their teeth and protect them from oral diseases.

4. Our toothbrush is designed to clean teeth on both sides and is angled to fit comfortably in your pet's mouth.

5. It Includes a stable base to make it easier for your pet to hold the toothbrush.

6. Encourage your pet to clean their teeth every day to prevent serious health problems.

7. It has a sweet smell to attract pets to chew the brush, which can save energy and time to help dogs brush teeth.

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