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Automatic Pet Feeder

Are you going to be out of the house at your furry friends normal meal time? This is the product you need.
  1. The product is made from food grade materials and is harmless to your furry friend.
  2. This is a timed device, simply adjust the pet dinner time within 24 hours.
  3. Don't worry about your pet feeling hungry if you are out for their usual meal time.
  4. This product comes with 6 grids & 6 meal designs, meaning you can pre-set 6 different times for 6 meals, as well as put 6 piles of food into 6 grids.


  • Colour: as picture shown
  • Material: ABS, stainless steel, electronic components 
  • Bowl grid: 6
  • Battery: 3*AA battery (not included) 
  • Function: music reminder


Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Bart Muller

The cat immediately understood everything and sat on duty near the nurse. She's doing everything on instructions. Neatly and beautifully looks. Includes a cross screwdriver for battery compartment. A gray bowl with a white lid is removed easily-it is necessary to gently get into the groove and turn it so that the hooks are hooked as a basis. When moving, a low sound is produced-bird singing. Very unobtrusive, for which special thanks! And it's good that it's not loud (relatively, of course, it's still fine from everywhere, but it does not cut the ear). The cat does not open the feeder, so it came to us. He was just lying next to her, and he was doing "ambush."

Now the cat man does not need all day... The cat is autonomous and is able to eat...

What the feeder does not know is to stop-after passing a Circle of 6 bowls, it turns on, so we will turn it off again for the night, and then we will turn it it since the timer settings after the shutdown are reset.

Cats are supposed to have once on 5 a day, such they have nature.

Ramona Schaefer

Goods come quickly. Sorted it out quickly. That's just not put 24 hour mode. Maybe it is not critical, as such work is

Adella Upton

A great thing, though fashionable now cats on 1-2 days not carry ssoboy to the country. First time being near коомушек and heard singing birds cats драпанути on 2nd Space velocity, had to bring them and show that Lam food. Now also heard singing birds IDUs bursting to кормушкам.

Miguel Swift

Super fast, feeder convenient. Thanks))

Gunner D'Amore

It works, sorted it out quickly.
Only a small marriage, the timer is glued flat, there is no way to re-stick! The work does not affect, set the time and closed the cover!
The cat is not really understand why all this, so far and is waiting when проснусь, that would be покормила, although serving has long been the opened))

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